Symposium Rethinking Fire and Manoeuvre across physical and non-physical aspects of domains

HCSS was proud to organise and co-host the Symposium “Rethinking Fire and Manoeuvre across physical and non-physical aspects of domains” together with NATO HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation yesterday. The symposium focused on what the future of warfighting means for the alliance. Consisting of a day of discussions led by top European and North American defence and security experts, it convened representatives from across the alliance to support this work. The overall purpose was to set the scene for the next Chiefs of Defence Conversation led by SACT in January.

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KVBK | Hyperwar Symposium Imagining Future Warfare

On October 3, the Royal Netherlands War Studies Association will organise the Hyperwar Symposium Imagining Future Warfare. This groundbreaking event promises to be a dynamic exploration of the most critical issues in modern warfare. HCSS senior strategic analyst Paul van Hooft, whose work spans various critical areas, including American and European grand strategy, nuclear strategy, Indo-Pacific security, and transatlantic relations, will dive into the strategic implications of Hyperwar and its impact on Nuclear Deterrence Stability.

New report | Breaking Patterns: Multi-Domain Operations and Contemporary Warfare

Today the dominant concept within NATO and other technologically advanced militaries is multi-domain operations (MDO). MDO aim to combine and coordinate effects from across military and sometimes non-military actions. This new HCSS study by strategic analyst Davis Ellison and director of research Tim Sweijs examines whether and how the adoption of MDO concepts can help armed forces achieve military success. The report argues that MDO could break away from the worst patterns of past conceptual work, though this will require concerted changes in prevailing approaches.