Giovanni Cisco on networking, insights from experts and his time as an HCSS intern

HCSS Internship Blog and Interviews. Hey Giovanni, can you introduce yourself? Tell me where you are from, do you have any prior work experience? 

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Tara de Klerk on research, professional development and her time as an HCSS intern

HCSS Internship Blog and Interviews: Interview with Tara de Klerk. Hi Tara, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell me about your previous experiences, if you've done any other internships and that kind of thing? 

Newsweek | How Western Tanks in Ukraine Compare to Russia’s Battalions

Russia's tank force is significantly bigger than Ukraine's, but has failed to impress. Newsweek's Ellie Cook spoke to HCSS analysts Paul van Hooft and Frederik Mertens: "a tank's strength depends partly on the technology, but most importantly on the training."