HCSS Summer Watchlist

Whether you’re lying on a Mediterranean beach, enjoying a cold one on a terrace, or hoping for the rain to stop (it is July after all), the HCSS Summer Watchlist offers you a fine selection of captivating webinars, from European security to SSR, and from space to China.

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HCSS Digest
HCSS Digest | Week 29

Can gamers help map the consequences of climate change? Is the age of Big Business really over? And why are oil and gas prices at an historic high? Find the answers from our analysts in the latest HCSS Digest.

De Strateeg: Gaming als hulpmiddel tegen de gevolgen van corona en klimaatverandering

Deze week in De Strateeg op BNR Nieuwsradio: kunnen gamers helpen de gevolgen van corona en klimaatverandering in kaart te brengen? Paul van Liempt spreekt erover met HCSS analist Laura Birkman en Hans van 't Woud van BlackShore.