The HCSS Strategic Capability game is a product based on the methodology of serious gaming. This gaming introduces participants to strategic capability thinking. These games are used as gamified analyses tools. It facilitates:

  • strategic discussions on what local organisations or national governments as well as international institutions are and/or are not capable of;
  • makes it possible to assess existing capabilities, identify capabilities that are lacking and supports the transfer of knowledge on capability building as well as network development;
  • In addition to helping identify promising new capabilities, exercises using serious gaming methodology help raise awareness and understanding of issues at stake;
  • Last but not least the facilitating can also be used for synchronized planning as well responsibility distribution as these are fully supported with these games.

These games are available for tabletop exercises as well as fully online versions. They can be tailored and made available fully exclusive if required.

Examples of the use of these games include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Hybrid Warfare
  • Stratcom
  • Water Security
  • Climate Security
  • Hybrid Deterrence