The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) is an independent think tank that provides strategic advice to governments, non-governmental organisations and corporations. We provide practical solutions for challenges in a fast-changing world. Our multidisciplinary research agenda covers international and national security, defence planning, cybersecurity, resource and energy issues, and broader geopolitical and geo-economic developments. We conduct our research guided through innovative and data-driven approaches. HCSS works independently and in collaboration with its network of affiliated experts.

Working at HCSS

HCSS has a dedicated international staff, many of them graduates from major universities in the US, France, the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere. We provide a challenging and exciting intellectual environment and opportunities for career growth. We look for highly qualified individuals with unique backgrounds, original views, and diversity in academic training and work experience.

The HCSS Internship Program

The HCSS internship program is a dynamic and varied opportunity in research, analysis, data, communication, networking, copy writing, and policy development. Activities can range from conducting background research, data collection and analysis, co-writing reports and papers, to being involved in the organization of workshops and conferences.

This is not your run-of-the-mill ‘get coffee and copy some papers’ internship: at HCSS you will experience what it’s like to be a full-fledged member of a small team of professionals in a fast paced environment. Interns contribute to high-impact products for clients including governments, international organizations, research organizations, the private sector, and NGOs.

HCSS recruits interns all year round; later start dates will always be announced through our website, newsletter and social media channels.

Internships at HCSS are for students only. In the interest of the successful candidate’s learning trajectory, the internship will be carried out at the HCSS office in The Hague, insofar as this is feasible given the current travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

The HCSS Internship Program is run by internship coordinators Karlijn Velthuis and Irina Patrahau


Current Vacancies & Internships

HCSS job openings are updated regularly. Below you can always find the latest vacancies.