Rewatch EUSEW panel | Irina Patrahau on supply chains for critical minerals

On June 13th, HCSS strategic analyst Irina Patrahau participated in a panel during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, where she spoke on the importance of critical minerals for the clean energy transition. In her contribution, she focused on geopolitical issues and the challenges that industry faces to secure complex and opaque supply chains.

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Meet GINA! HCSS Datalab presents: the Geopolitical Interactive Network Analysis

Meet GINA! The HCSS Datalab proudly presents our Geopolitical Interactive Network Analysis. As international tensions fluctuate and alliances shift, the need for advanced analytical tools to decode these interactions has never been more crucial. Our GINA series stands as a pioneering suite of tools designed to transcend traditional analysis methods. By integrating diverse data from diplomatic, information, military, and economic spheres, GINA provides a multidimensional perspective on global relations that shape our world.

Strategische Vragen | De Strateeg: Kan China een nieuw internationaal gerechtshof vormen?

Hoe sterk zijn het ICJ en het ICC nog in tijden van grote militaire dreiging en oplaaiende conflicten? Paul van Liempt vraagt het aan Benjamin Duerr, diplomaat, politicoloog en jurist, en HCSS strategisch analist Gerben Bakker, in deze extra aflevering van podcast De Strateeg: Strategische Vragen, op BNR Nieuwsradio.