Trailer: The Conduct of War in the 21st Century

The trailer for “The Conduct of War” can be viewed here. This book examines the key dimensions of 21st century war, and shows that orthodox thinking about war, particularly what it is and how it is fought, needs to be updated. Accelerating societal, economic, political and technological change affects how we prepare, equip and organise […]

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Francis G. Hoffman on the Conduct of War in the 21st Century

“For these reasons, this wonderful collection of essays is both timely and particularly relevant. The book’s intellectual framework of the kinetic, connected and synthetic offers a useful sextant for today’s navigators as they explore the outlines of possible armed conflict in the coming years. Each of the contributions in this book afford today’s navigators valuable signposts […]

The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security

​ Building a Transatlantic coalition for climate action on water and security challenges in hotspot countries of risk: the “Water, Peace and Security partnership”, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organizes the 11th meeting of the series “The Hague Roundtable on Climate and Security”. Featuring a live panel at IHE Delft Institute for Water […]