Transnational Organised Crime

The HCSS Transnational Organized Crime research initiative delves into the complexities of organized crime, with a focus on the link between state stability and organized crime in conflict-prone environments, and the undermining impact of subversive organized crime on our social, political, and judicial systems.

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Rewatch | HCSS analysts on liberal democracies, tensions in the Indo-Pacific and supply of critical minerals

HCSS strategic analysts regularly provide expert insights at conferences and discussions that address some of the most pressing geopolitical challenges of our time. Rewatch a few of the highlights of the past weeks here, featuring Laura Jasper, Benedetta Girardi and Irina Patrahau, as they delve into the future of liberal democracies in a changing world order, escalating tensions in the Indo-Pacific, and supply security of critical minerals crucial for the energy transition.

Rewatch EUSEW panel | Irina Patrahau on supply chains for critical minerals

On June 13th, HCSS strategic analyst Irina Patrahau participated in a panel during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, where she spoke on the importance of critical minerals for the clean energy transition. In her contribution, she focused on geopolitical issues and the challenges that industry faces to secure complex and opaque supply chains.

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