Irina Patrahau: Emerging from the War in Ukraine into a Secure Energy Transition

HCSS strategic analyst Irina Patrahau contributed an article for the latest edition of Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs on the War in Ukraine: The World Responds. In her essay, Patrahau analyses the impact of the Ukraine war on the EU’s approach to energy security, taking CRM as a case study. She compares the EU’s energy supply security policies on gas with the similar absence of a strategic vision on the supply security for critical raw materials.

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Column Energiepodium: Onbenoemde problemen

Tijdens de recente ontmoeting zegden de Chinese en de Amerikaanse president toe om samen te werken op klimaatgebied. Dat is hard nodig, schrijft Rob de Wijk in zijn column voor Energiepodium, want beide landen zijn goed voor ongeveer 40% van de totale uitstoot aan broeikasgassen. “Samenwerking tussen de beide grootmachten betekent nog niet dat klimaatbeleid succesvol is. Kijk naar Nederland waar het klimaat een ondergeschoven kindje in de verkiezingscampagne was. Dat is geen toeval.”

Indo-Pacific Security in 2030-35: Links in the Chain

In a world subject to increasing geopolitical competition, global value chains have become significantly vulnerable. Geopolitical threats related to great power competition, political rivalry, and maritime disputes pose serious risks to supply chains worldwide. To avoid the consequences of competition for global trade and supply chains, Jagannath Panda argues that like-minded partners in the Indo-Pacific must work together to anticipate risk, minimise exposure, and help each other resist and adapt to sudden shocks brought along by geopolitical threats.