Future European Contributions to Arms Control: Compete to Negotiate 

Increasing violence by revisionist regimes is breaking the current arms control regime. In this paper John D. Maurer argues that for Europe today, then, the single most important contribution to the future of arms control is to choose to compete. European countries can best respond by leaning into military technical competition in the short term to produce better arms control results over the longer term.  

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REAIM Summit 2023 | Tim Sweijs on the Realities of Algorithmic Warfare

“Imagine what a Deep Fake of Vladimir Putin announcing the launch of nuclear weapons will do to strategic stability,” said Dr. Tim Sweijs yesterday at REAIM 2023, the first global Summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain in The Hague. Sweijs, HCSS director of research, participated in the breakout session on “Realities of Algorithmic Warfare: Use, Impact & Regulation”, where he was a speaker in one and moderated a second out of the 3 panels.

The Daily Beast | Paul van Hooft: China’s military is successfully catching up with the U.S. fleet

China’s military has been successfully catching up with the U.S. fleet by copying American designs for precision weapons, says HCSS senior strategic analyst Paul van Hooft in The Daily Beast. But it’s having a harder time narrowing the gap in areas like stealth fighters.