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November 1st 2017 - 09:00

In order to remain on top of the rapid changes in the international environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence have tasked The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) to conduct research on global trends and risks, within the framework of the Strategic Monitor. Over the past few years HCSS has provided for on-going analysis of relevant trends and conducted foresight exercises. Please find an overview of all Strategic Monitor products below. For more information about the Strategic Monitor 2018, click here. The publications of last year are also available in our interactive online environment.

Products per category:

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               Stilte voor de storm      Cover PopSov report                    Geodynamics alert


All products in chronological order:

Global Security Pulse May 2018: Migration and Security








Global Security Pulse April 2018: Interstate Military Competition

Global Security Pulse







Monthly Alert November 2017: the world's 10 most underappreciated threats 


Strategic Alert: Breaking the deadlock. Policy options for deadling with North Korea.


Monthly Alert October 2017: Dutch Foreign Relations Index 

DFRI alert

Strategic Alert: Is India Catching Great Power Assertivitis?

India alert

Monthly Alert September 2017: The changing international order - Geodynamics in 2017


Monthly Alert August 2017 - Political Violence Alert

Political violence

Monthly Alert July 2017: The Other Side of the Security Coin


Monthly Alert June 2017: Vital European and Dutch Security Interests

Monthly Alert European and Dutch Security Interests

Strategic Alert: NATO special meeting of May 25th 2017


Stilte voor de storm?

Stilte voor de storm










Volatility and Friction in the Age of Disintermediation 

Volatility and Friction

A Farewell to the West? Turkey's possible pivot in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt

Nowcasting Geodynamics

Conflict and Cooperation

A National Identity Crisis? Moldova in flux between East and West

Nowcasting Geodynamics: Great powers and pivoting

The Rise and Fall of ISIS: from evitability to inevitability

The Other Side of the Security Coin

The Many Faces of Political Violence

Great Power Assertivitis 

Great Power Assertivitis

Better Together

Better Together

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune

Back to the Brink

Back to the brink

Si vis pacem, para utique pacem: individual empowerment, societal resilience and the armed forces


Epidemics and Strategic Timing

Epidemics and strategic timing

Pushing the Boundaries

Pushing the boundaries

Barbarism and Religion

Barbarism and religion

From Assertiveness to Aggression

From assertiveness to aggression

The Return of Ghosts Hoped Past?

 The return of ghosts hoped past     

Four Strategic Challenges  

Four strategic challenges

De Toekomst In Alle Staten

De toekomst in alle staten