Strategic Monitor: Alerts

November 1st 2017 - 09:00

Monthly alerts

In order to remain on top of the rapid changes ongoing in the international environment, the Strategic Monitor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense provides analysis of global trends and risks. The Monthly Alerts offer an integrated perspective on key challenges in the future security environment of the Netherlands along the following four themes:

  1. Vital European and Dutch Security Interests
  2. New Security Threats and Opportunities
  3. Political Violence
  4. The Changing International Order

The Monthly Alerts reflect the monitoring framework of the Annual Strategic Monitor report, which is due for publication in January 2018. Each Monthly Alert offers a selection of discussions of emerging developments by key stakeholders in publications from governments, international institutions, think tanks, academic outlets and expert blogs, supported by previews of ongoing monitoring efforts of HCSS and Clingendael. The Monthly Alerts run on a four-month cycle alternating between the four themes.

Strategic Alerts 

Rapid changes in the international environment require constant monitoring to keep up to date with unfolding developments. These developments are analyzed in the context of broader patterns and trends that are identified in the Strategic Monitor, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense. Strategic Alerts are part of the Strategic Monitor and can either be directly triggered by real world incidents or crises, or prepared in advance but with their publication timed to coincide with an important event. Going beyond mere trend descriptions, Strategic Alerts have a clear ‘so what’-focus as they also offer reflections on the potential policy implications.

Alerts in chronological order:

Monthly Alert November 2017: the world's 10 most underappreciated threats 


Strategic Alert: Breaking the deadlock. Policy options for dealing with North Korea.


Monthly Alert October 2017: Dutch Foreign Relations Index

DFRI Overall Utility

Strategic Alert: Is India Catching Great Power Assertivitis?

India Strategic Alert

Monthly Alert September 2017: The changing international order - Geodynamics in 2017


Monthly Alert August 2017 - Political Violence Alert

Political Violence Alert

Monthly Alert July 2017: The Other Side of the Security Coin


Monthly Alert June 2017: Vital European and Dutch Security Interests

Monthly Alert European and Dutch Security Interests

Strategic Alert: NATO special meeting of May 25th 2017