Strategic Technologies Specialist

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Paul Verhagen is an HCSS Subject Matter expert on technology, in particular Artificial Intelligence and global technological competition. He specializes in the intersection between advanced technology and public policy as a Strategic Liaison at the Civic AI Lab (University of Amsterdam), where he connects academic (technical) research to policy making objectives. The Civic AI Lab focuses on reducing inequality and improving equal opportunity through the proactive use of AI.

Paul is a frequent (international) media presence on issues ranging from Artificial Intelligence, geopolitical tech competition, and US (geo)politics. He is also a lecturer at Amsterdam University College where he teaches a course on technological innovation and societal change. Academically, Paul’s research focuses on the way that algorithms can exacerbate or even cause political polarization.

Paul holds several degrees, including master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, a master’s degree in Environment and Resource Management from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as well as a bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics and Philosophy from Amsterdam University College. Paul previously worked at HCSS as a data scientist for four years and lived in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.