(former) Strategic Analyst - no longer working at HCSS

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Louk Faesen was a Senior Strategic Analyst at the HCSS Cyber Policy and Resilience Program, and Project Manager of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC), until 2022.

He researched and advises on numerous policy issues pertaining to the wider field of international cybersecurity and hybrid conflict. He co-edited paper series and authored numerous reports and articles, including on cyber norms and cybersecurity standards, disinformation and hybrid conflict, cyber military capabilities and deterrence, as well as the security implications of new technologies. He has briefed members of European Parliament and Council of the EU, participated in international discussions on cyberstability inter alia at the UN, EU, OSCE and AUC, and also organizes a long-running track 2 diplomatic dialogue on cyber issues.

He now works as a Policy Advisor for the European Parliament.