Strategic Analyst

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Ron Stoop is a political scientist and political economist who writes at the intersection of economics, politics and history. He is editor at the Dutch economic policy journal ESB, a well-known economic magazine among economists and policymakers. During his time at ESB he has focused on curating special issues on monetary policy and strategic autonomy. Before this he has worked as a Market Insights Consultant at AMS, a talent acquisition services provider.

Ron graduated from Leiden University in 2016 with an MA International Relations: European Union Studies and graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2022 with an MSc International Political Economy.

His areas of expertise include raw materials, industrial policy, economic history, monetary policy and economic development. Alongside his work he has also authored the 2022 book ‘De Gegijzelde Economie’, a book that analyses the Dutch economic history and the consequences of inequality on economic stability.

He joined HCSS as Strategic Analyst in May 2024.