Strategic Analyst

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Laura Jasper is Strategic Analyst at HCSS. With her multidisciplinary background in both economic theory and security studies she supports HCSS’ research agenda on the intersection between quantitative and qualitative research. Laura her research focus at HCSS leads her to contribute to projects such as behavioural influencing in the military domain, the Strategic Monitor, and the Strategic Monitor Police. Where she worked topics including organised crime originating through the Eastern European corridor, disinformation, information warfare, and polarisation.

Laura holds a BSc in Economics (cum laude) as well as an MSc in Economics (magna cum laude) from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. For her master thesis she examined how we can analyse the strategic determinants of the choice between war and settlement using a game theoretic model. She applied this model to the Kashmir conflict, in order to analyse how we can use this knowledge in current conflicts. Additionally, she holds an MSc in Crisis and Security Management from Leiden University where she specialized in Intelligence and National Security.

Prior to joining HCSS, Laura held an internship with the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG). As an intern working on polarisation, radicalisation, and extremism, she specialised in conspiracy theories, mis/disinformation, anti-government groups, and the prevention of radicalisation.