HCSS Datawarehouse & Datalab

HCSS has, over the years, established its HCSS Datawarehouse, facilitating and underpinning our research with empiric data. Not only do we make use of data analyses, we also utilize modelling for our research and products. For instance, we design and build data driven, interactive dashboards and monitors. Other activities include the development of models that underpin our analyses making it possible to enhance understanding of situations and design predictive modelling tools. Various examples of our monitors are publicly available, but some are tailored for our customers and for them available only. 

Strategic Capability Gaming

The HCSS Strategic Capability game is product based on the methodology of serious gaming. This gaming introduces participants to strategic capability thinkingThese games are used as gamified analyses tools. It facilitates: 

Climate & Security Game
  • Strategic discussions on what local, national and international organizations are (not) capable of;

  • Makes it possible to assess existing capabilities;

  • Help identify capabilities that are lacking; 

  • Supports the transfer of knowledge on capability building as well as network development;

  • Exercises using serious gaming methodology help raise awareness and understanding of issues at stake;

  • The strategic game can also be used for synchronized planning as well responsibility distribution as these are fully supported with these games.