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HCSS Digest | Week 51

December 18th 2020 - 11:00
HCSS Digest Week 51

Only one week left until Christmas… at the end of a turbulent year, are we any closer to peace on earth – pa rum pum pum pum – or was there enough geopolitical ruckus to fill a new HCSS Digest? Find out, after the break.

What are the security implications of COVID-19 for Europe? In a new article for Atlantisch Perspectief, Tim Sweijs and Femke Remmits discuss how the pandemic is above all an accelerator, an exacerbator and a catalyst of prevailing security dynamics.

With Joe Biden, Europe will have an ally again in 2021, Rob de Wijk wrote in het Financieele Dagblad. But things are not going back to the way they used to be, as Trump's lack of leadership has strengthened Russia and China.

Proponents argue that persistent engagement should lead to more stability in cyberspace and more credible deterrence, but critics fear misinterpretation, escalation and undermining of the international legal order. In a new article for Militaire Spectator, Louk Faesen describes the content of persistent engagement in the cyber domain, the possible consequences according to proponents and opponents and what it can mean for the Netherlands (or download the article in PDF form here).

The SolarWindsHack shows precisely why we can't rely on a treaty to govern state behavior in cyberspace. Rather, governments must cooperate to uphold existing norms, argue Michael Chertoff, Latha Reddy & Alexander Klimburg in an article for Project Syndicate.

According to BP we have reached the Peak Oil moment, in part thanks to corona. And when the demand for oil declines, it can cause major power shifts, HCSS energy expert Lucia van Geuns explained on BNR De Wereld.

With only a few weeks to go until the January 1 deadline, will there be a Brexit deal, or not? Man of all trades Han ten Broeke spoke about the negotiations between the British and the EU on WNL’s Goedemorgen Nederland – and about 3-year-old Mila who watches press conferences of Prime Minister Rutte to help her get to sleep.

Now that Joe Biden has been officially confirmed as the new President of the United States, it’s time to look at the heritage of four years of Trump. He leaves behind a totally polarized and disrupted society, with his close to fascist views that will go down in history as Trumpism, Rob de Wijk wrote in his weekly column for Trouw.

In other European countries, the first people will be vaccinated this month. So why does the Netherlands only start the vaccination program on January 8, the opposition wonders. The fact that the Netherlands starts late 'does not mean that you finish last', Han ten Broeke commented on Spraakmakers op 1 this morning.

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This week we also say congratulations to Strategic Analyst and daddy cool Hugo van Manen, celebrating his birthday on December 18th, and to Assistant Analyst Irina Patrahau, whose birthday is this Sunday, December 20th.

Last but definitely not least: we have to say goodbye to Assistant Analyst Femke Remmits, who will be leaving us soon. Thanks for everything Femke, you were a joy to work with – and an absolute Back Office Backup Hero!

Patrick Willemsen is the Communications Officer of HCSS, in charge of all communication, PR, publications, social media and press contacts, as well as special projects such as the BNR podcast De Strateeg.