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HCSS Digest | Week 41

October 9th 2020 - 12:49

Corona, NATO, Trump - want to read everything our experts had to say this week on the state of the world in 4 minutes? Then catch up with a new HCSS Digest:

The importance of international cooperation is much greater for a small country like the Netherlands than most of us think. In this week’s episode of the BNR/HCSS podcast De Strateeg, Rob de Wijk spoke about the value of the multilateral system and the new HCSS report. Catch him on BNR, the BNR app, Spotify and/or Apple Podcasts.

"Rob de Wijk: Reforms necessary to sustain multilateral system", reported Executive Finance as well, about the new HCSS report “Adjusting the Multilateral System to Safeguard Dutch Interests” - Full report here | Dutch summary here

Taking on a confident stance against Russia, Chancellor Merkel, in her finale as political leader of Europe, shows the EU the way to more geopolitical and geo-economic action, writes Han ten Broeke in his guest column for Militaire Courant.

The debate debacle, Trump has corona - what other surprises and plot twists is this final month before the US elections gonna bring us? Listen to HCSS data scientist and expert on US politics Paul Verhagen on NPO Radio 1 – and isn’t that a fantastic Paul Verhagen Jingle?

The corona crisis has an enormous impact not only on our daily lives, but also on geopolitical relations. What does this mean for Europe? Listen to Rob de Wijk in VPRO’s “Bureau Buitenland” and find out more about the geopolitical consequences of corona.

Chinese IP theft is a growing concern to the West. Has the norm against economic espionage helped counter these trends? See what this new HCSS case study thinks: Responding to Chinese Economic Espionage

How can NATO remain 'alive and kicking' in the 21st Century? The Jonge Atlantici organized the third NATO Night, entirely online this time, to reflect on NATO’s position in the world. You can rewatch the event, with contributions by Han ten Broeke, on their YouTube channel now.

The war of the future is being determined today. Read the article by Martijn Kitzen about NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept in magazine Carré, the periodical of the Netherlands Officers Association (NOV), which also references the Global Expert Symposium hosted by HCSS and NLDA.

On 1st October, the Inaugural Session of the Indian Dutch Cyber Security School took place through Zoom Webinars. More than 350 individuals from India and the Netherlands attended the session that afternoon, moderated by Michel Rademaker, Deputy Director at HCSS, and organised by assistant analyst Kalliopi Terzidou, with contributions from H.E. Mr. Venu Rajamony, Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands, and H.E. Mr. Marten van den Berg, the Netherlands Ambassador to India.

The Dutch are a difficult people to manage. Central control has been diluted, prime minister Rutte does not want to lead and Parliament is undermining crisis management, so there is a substantial risk that the second corona wave we are now seeing will get out of hand. Only with strong and decisive leadership can we overcome the virus, argued Rob de Wijk in his weekly column in Trouw.

China’s actions in the South China Sea indicate that they are attempting to change existing norms. What can the West do to counter this? Read about it in the new HCSS case study: Upholding Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea

Dutch Parliament debated the government’s new corona law this week. Rob de Wijk is in favor of the law, but remains critical. In Dit Is De Dag he explained his reservations: "Unfortunately, the effectiveness of crisis management benefits from a clear leadership that says: this is what we are going to do."

Just before word got out that Trump tested positive for corona, two ultramodern planes took off, with which the President – in a worst-case scenario – could start a nuclear war. But what kind of planes are they actually? Listen to defense and air force specialist Peter Wijninga explain in EenVandaag.

The coronavirus is reinforcing current geopolitical trends. What does this mean for Europe? Is NATO doomed? Instituut Clingendael and HCSS organized a webinar yesterday with Rob de Wijk and Dick Zandee, in which they discussed these major questions and the implications for the Netherlands. You can now rewatch the webinar on YouTube.

If our perception changes, the Internet will change.” — Alexander Klimburg will be speaking at CyFy2020: The Pandemic and Digital Dystopia taking place from 12-16 October, where an international community of experts will gather to identify, interrogate and interpret the new normal that is emerging in our global digital society.

And finally: Happy Birthday to Jelle van der Weerd, assistant analyst at HCSS and our kickass PR intern! Congratulations and have a wonderful evening tonight! Got any grapes?

Patrick Willemsen is the Communications Officer of HCSS, in charge of all communication, PR, publications, social media and press contacts, as well as special projects such as the BNR podcast De Strateeg.