Tim Sweijs to speak at IBEI’s international seminar: The Madrid summit and NATO’s future.

This international seminar aims to inform the transatlantic nexus's current status on security matters and NATO's positioning regarding permanent and emerging security challenges. Among these are the role of great power like Russia and China, the crisis in Ukraine, and the risks embedded in nuclear proliferation, terrorism, hybrid threats, cybersecurity, and new military technology. All of these issues are included in the agendas of the Summit of  World Leaders and in the Alliance's Eighth Strategic Concept, which will be discussed and approved in Madrid.

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Event | Cyber Offence Uncovered: Introducing the Cyber Arms Watch

In cyber terms, arms control is roughly at the level of the 1950s for nuclear weapons. There is no common understanding of what “cyber weapons” are, or indeed even “cyber forces.” States are left guessing as to the overall capability of another state.

Online Seminar: Energy Storage and Strategic Autonomy

Delivering the “European Green Deal” will require great steps. What are the threats and opportunities of moving from a fossil fuel-based energy system to a decarbonized economy? What role could liquid energy storage play? And what should be our policies, in France, the Netherlands, and Europe, to facilitate it, enhancing our strategic autonomy? This panel discussion held on the 26th of April reflected on these questions and explored policy options both at the national and European levels.