Strategic Analyst

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Irina Patrahau is a Strategic Analyst at HCSS, contributing to our Energy and Raw Materials Initiative and Climate and Security Programme. She is interested in the geopolitics and geo-economics of energy, raw materials and climate security. Irina contributes to projects regarding global oil and natural gas market trends and energy security. Her expertise further extends to issues of critical minerals and green technologies (wind, solar, electric vehicles), specifically focusing on the novel geopolitical relations that are emerging as a result of the energy transition.

Irina holds a BSc degree (cum laude) in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations from Leiden University and a minor in Geo-Resources for the Future at the TU Delft. She attained her MSc degree (cum laude) in Political Economy from University of Amsterdam, where she studied the energy relations between China and Eastern Europe in the context of the energy transition. Prior to joining HCSS, she was an intern at Karama Europe, an NGO supporting women’s rights activist groups in the Middle East and North Africa.