Peace and Conflict across Time

January 20th 2014 - 10:51

The poster "Peace and Conflict Across Time" assesses long-term fluctuations across various types of conflict, whilst focusing on quintessential pillars of peace rather than on drivers of conflict.

In documenting the history of peace and conflict from ancient times to the present, it brings together arguments and data provided by various scholars and research institutions (including Bowles, Brecke, Goldstein, Lebow, Levy, Morris, and Pinker, as well as the Correlates of War Project, the Uppsala Conflict Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the Center for Systemic Peace). The poster seeks to convey academic research in a useful, understandable and accessible fashion to both security and defense professionals and the general public at large.

For more information on variables, measurements and sources used to create this overview, please access the Annex.

Bill Gates was so impressed with the poster that he shared it with over four million followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

Hard copies of the poster will be offered to invited guests at HCSS while stocks last.