Over the years, HCSS facilitated large-scale action learning for students and young professionals in the realm of cyber security and policy. For instance, since 2015 we have organized Cyber Security Summer Schools on demand of HSD and/or the Municipality and in cooperation with governments (Dutch & Indian) and international organisations such as Europol and NATO.

These schooloffer a valuable opportunity for participants to gain further expertise in issues regarding cyber security. Participants have benefited from courses focusing on the Internet and Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and the Internet of Things. During lectures, students have been taught about topics covering a myriad of disciplines, including engineering, ethics, law and policy. This knowledge is further reinforced by assignments, known as challenges, that students must tackle in multidisciplinary groups. These challenges are offered and judged by our partners, like governments, companies or academic institutions. 

Indian Dutch Cyber Security School

Indian Dutch Cyber Security School 2020

From the end of September to the middle of November 2020, the third edition of the Indian Dutch Cyber Security School (#IDCSS), formely known as The Hague India Cyber Security Summer School (NICSSS), took place. ​The Indian Dutch Cyber Security  School promotes the education of students and professionals on cybersecurity issues, while facilitating the increased cooperation of The Netherlands, most notably the Municipality of The Hague, with the Indian states of Telangana and Karnataka.