Materials in the Dutch Economy

January 19th 2016 - 13:42

The Ministry of Economic Affairs asked a consortium comprising of TNO, EY, NEVI (Dutch Association of Purchasing Management), HCSS and Leiden University/CML to conduct a study to examine the extent to which the Dutch economy depends on the supply of 64 abiotic raw materials (minerals and metals) and consequently make this data available for use by the Dutch business community.

This report deals with the first part of this request; the second part is to be completed by the development of a web-based tool which is expected to become available in the course of 2016.This study takes place against the background of global concern regarding the shortand long-term availability of raw materials. In particular, the shift of power in the world has contributed to importing countries having a perceived decrease insecurity of supply of raw materials. In Europe this has led to a criticality analysis, in which currently 20 materials have been designated as critical to the European economy.

The report can be downloaded via the button on the right.