Issue Brief No.1 Dealing with Cyber Security: accept vulnerability

April 1st 2011 - 12:00

By now, it is a truism to say that ICT technology is spreading rapidly. As growing economies like China, Brazil and India are nowhere near their full potential for ICT use, and even prominent western countries have not yet reached this limit (see figure 1), it is unlikely that this global trend is going to stagnate in the near future. It does, however, give rise to security challenges. The proliferation of ICT, especially in western societies, has increased dependence on digital systems. Information retrieval, online banking and digital process control systems are examples of processes that have been optimised through the use of ICT. The downside to these improvements is that they have made societies vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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Erik Frinking is Strategic Advisor Security and Cyber at HCSS. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Leiden University. For almost twenty years, he has been involved in addressing high-level, complex policy issues for a wide variety of European countries and international organizations. Mr. Frinking worked for more than 13 years at the Leiden branch of the RAND Corporation, where he was director of the Education, Science & Technology, and Innovation program.