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WNL: Han ten Broeke over de politieke rel in Duitsland

February 13th 2020 - 07:30

BIJ WNL sprak Han ten Broeke over de gevolgen die de politieke crisis in Duitsland na de rel rond Alternative für Deutschland in deelstaat Thüringen ook voor Nederland zou kunnen hebben. 

Bekijk de hele uitzending hier terug. 

Han ten Broeke is Director of Political Affairs for HCSS. A staunch advocate of public ideals, he served four terms as a member of the Dutch House of Representatives for the leading conservative liberal VVD political party. He held post as the senior member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and acted as Chair of the Armed Services Committee. Furthermore, he led the Dutch delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Prior to which, he was the VVD’s ranking member on Defence and EU affairs. Han ten Broeke believes in the power of ever-present potential as an indispensible instrument towards a better, more sustainable future. Clear, unambiguous use of language in both his native Dutch and fluent English has furnished him with persuasive, emotive deliveries before both the media and audiences of varying cultures, and from all walks of life. Ten Broeke holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He is also Chairman of the Board of BOVAG.