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What does Brexit mean for European Defense?

December 9th 2016 - 09:20

The European Union has been in a state of crisis-management since the economic and monetary crisis in 2008. While the focus on security threats on Europe’s southern and eastern borders, as well as terror threats, has crowded out the political space to discuss new defense policies or integration, it is essential that European leaders prioritize measures to make the Union safer as a whole. Still, the Union’s loss of one of its highly capable military members, the United Kingdom, further complicates efforts towards common defense policies. In order to fill the post-Brexit defense gap, the European Union needs to get serious about strengthening and deepening European defense cooperation in a wide array of areas. Ironically, Brexit has created a window of opportunity for such a change in dynamics and new defense initiatives that can transform European defense coordination.

Karlijn Jans wrote an article for Diplomatic Courier. The entire article can be read here.

Photo credit: rockcohen via Foter.com / CC BY