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Webinar: Europe in space: why are we travelling to space?

April 1st 2021 - 12:20

On 9 March, the Netherlands Atlantic Youth, in collaboration with Socrates, held a webinar titled “Europe in space: Why are we travelling to space?” In recent years, space travel has been booming once more. The US, Europe, China, Russia, Japan and others have all performed exploratory space missions. At the same time, militarization of space is taking place. The number of military satellites is increasing steadily and countries have been developing more and more anti-satellite weapons. Several countries have even started their own space force.

Europe has been participating in this new space race as well. ESA has been undertaking several large, scientific space missions. At the same time, some EU member states have taken steps towards developing military space capabilities.

In this webinar, both the civilian and military developments in space were addressed. HCSS Strategic Analyst Patrick Bolder contributed to the discussion by talking about the militarization of space and the role of the EU therein. He also addressed the military activities of the other great powers in space.

You can watch the recording of his presentation here.

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Patrick Bolder is an officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Since January 2019 he is seconded to The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. His expertise lies in all Defence matters, with a focus on Military Space, Unmanned systems, European Defence issues and Nuclear Policy.