Strategic Energy Analyst Jan Braun at the Energeia Energy Day 2019

June 21st 2019 - 09:00

HCSS Strategic Energy Analyst Jan Braun spoke on June 20 at the Energeia Energy Day 2019 in Amsterdam on energy geopolitics in the age of Trump, Putin and Brexit.

How does the balance of power in the world affect the European and Dutch energy sectors? And how does the Paris Agreement fit in with this? The sold out 9th Energeia Energy Day proved to be an inspiring event, with compelling energy topics and an impressive list of speakers.

You can view the full program (in Dutch) here:

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Jan Braun - Energeia Energy Day

Photo’s by Bastiaan Heus.

Jan Braun is a Strategic Energy Analyst at HCSS. His research focuses on international energy markets, climate policies as well as the strategic consequences, risks and opportunities for state and non-state actors in the global energy transition. Jan has studied in Maastricht, Durham and Edinburgh and holds degrees in International Relations (MA) and Political Science & Economics (PhD-magna cum laude). He completed his PhD at Osnabrück University on legislative decision-making in EU climate and energy policy in a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research network on institutional cooperation in the European Union.