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Strategic Analyst Patrick Bolder over Europese Defensiesamenwerking bij BNR's Ask Me Anything

July 15th 2019 - 12:30

Patrick Bolder, Luitenant-kolonel van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht en Strategisch Analist bij HCSS, was op maandag 15 juli te gast bij het BNR radioprogramma Ask Me Anything, gepresenteerd door Jörgen Raymann. Het thema van de uitzending was Europese defensie-samenwerking. Komt die samenwerking een beetje van de grond? Is het nodig? Wie is eigenlijk de vijand? 

Luister de hele podcast hier terug. 


Patrick Bolder BNR

Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Bolder started his military career after graduating from the Royal Military Academy in Breda as a meteorological officer. In the first years of his career he headed the meteorological departments at Deelen and Volkel Airbase. After graduating at Wageningen University as World Class Meteorologist he served with the staff of the 1st German/Netherlands Corps in Münster, Germany. In 2000 he became a student of the Staffcollege. After graduating in 2001 he was stationed at policy departments at the Airstaff and Defencestaff. Before and during the Netherlands EU Presidency in 2004 he joined the Presidency Taskforce and was responsible for advices to the Headline Goal Task Force and EU Military Committee. Subsequently he was the European Defence Agency - Netherlands Capabilities PoC for the Defence Staff, The Hague. From 2008 to 2010 he was Chief of Defencestaff representative in the interdepartmental Future Policy Survey team (Verkenningen). After a six month deployment in 2012 in the West Bank he was stationed at the Airstaff in Breda, responsible for the IMC-policy, Triple-helix policy and Space policy of the RNLAF. In 2014 he joined the 6 month Senior Course of NATO Defence College, Rome. After graduating he returned to the Airstaff. In 2017 a second 6-month deployment to the West Bank followed, again working for and developing the leadercourse program of the Palestinian Security Services. After returning from this he was stationed again at the Airstaff in the Strategy and Advice branch.