Strategic Analyst Esther Chavannes spoke at Socialists & Democrats EP workshop

November 27th 2019 - 11:04

Last week our strategic analyst Esther Chavannes visited the European Parliament to speak on military AI at a workshop hosted by the Socialists & Democrats' Legal Committee, chaired by Timo Wölken.

She went into what autonomy and ‘intelligence’ really mean in this context, and how to take accountability and responsibility into account at all times. With upcoming EU legislation on AI, realistically addressing these issues effectively has only become more relevant. In keeping up with constant innovation, Esther reminded policymakers and the rest of the audience to not just legislate for the society we live in, but to legislate for the society we want to live in. If you’re interested in reading up on military tech and its responsible implementation, Esther published a paper on the topic back in September along with analyst Amit Arkhipov-Goyal, which you can find here:

Esther Chavannes is a Strategic Analyst at HCSS, primarily focusing on topics where security, politics and law intersect. Most recently she conducted research into the ethical challenges of using Robotic and Autonomous Systems in a military context. Apart from emerging technologies in the Defense sector, she works on security challenges in Southeast Asia, regulatory frameworks of civil technology in the EU, and right-wing political violence in the digital age.