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Playing to your Strengths: A Different Perspective on Future Capabilities for the Dutch Army

May 22nd 2019 - 12:00

The character of conflict is changing rapidly. Against this background, Tim Sweijs and Frank Bekkers of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies were asked by the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA), to specifically identify promising new or to be renewed capabilities for the RNLA with a time horizon of 10-15 years into the future.

This research project resulted in the report “Playing to your Strengths: A Different Perspective on Future Capabilities for the Royal Netherlands Army”. The report has been used in the preparation of the Future Vision for the Royal Netherlands Army, Security through Foresight, which describes the lines of development with a time horizon of up to 2030.

Militaire Spectator, the magazine for the Dutch armed forces, looks at six new capability development themes from the report.

Read the full article here.

Dr. Tim Sweijs is the Director of Research at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. He is the initiator, creator and author of numerous studies, methodologies, and tools for horizon scanning, early warning, conflict analysis, national security risk assessment, and strategy and capability development. Tim has lectured at universities and military academies around the world. His main research interest concerns the changing character of contemporary conflict. Tim is a Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Defence Academy and an Affiliate at the Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Frank Bekkers is Director of the Security Program. He studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam and spent most of his career at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), specializing in the area of Defence, Safety & Security. At TNO, he held a range of positions, including program manager, senior research scientist, group manager and account director. From 1996-1997, he worked as program manager for Call Media and Intelligent Networks for the telecom company KPN. His current position at HCSS combines shaping HCSS’s portfolio concerning defense and security-related projects with hands-on participation in a number of key projects.