Oil, Gas, Shale and Renewable: Toward a New Energy Order

November 22nd 2018 - 14:00

On Friday 9th November, strategic analyst Jan Frederik Braun spoke on the “Oil, Gas, Shale and Renewable: Toward a New Energy Order” panel at the MEDays Forum, organized by the Amadeus Institute.

Alongside him on the panel are: Abbas Ali Al Naqi (OAPEC), Elham Mahmoud Ahmad (World Energy Council Regional Vice Chair for Africa, Osama Kamal (Former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Francis Perrin (Director of Research at the Institute of International Relations and Strategies) and Sun Xiansheng (Secretary General of the International Energy Forum).  Watch the panel discussion in the video below.

 Jan concluded that climate change is not yet the central issue in regional discussions on energy policy.



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