Military Strategy Magazine: Samuel Zilincik on “Antifragile Adversaries: How to Defeat Them?”

September 9th 2020 - 16:37

Former HCSS assistant analyst Samuel Zilincik wrote an article for Military Strategy Magazine called “Antifragile Adversaries: How to Defeat Them?”

Most typologies of adversaries in Strategic Studies do not help us understand strategic practice. Accordingly, Zilincik’s article develops a new typology, rooted in the adversary's response to strategic performance. The article focuses on the adversaries who get stronger when engaged in violent interaction and explains the logic of defeating them. The new typology can explain strategic practice across strategic history, as well as in contemporary and future wars.

Read the complete article by Samuel Zilincik, “Antifragile Adversaries: How to Defeat Them?”, in Military Strategy Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2, summer 2020, pages 32-38.