The Implications of Drone Warfare: Chatham House simulation with Patrick Bolder

November 30th 2019 - 10:00
Chatham House

Strategic Analyst Patrick Bolder joined the Chatham House sessions on the use of armed drones last week. This particular event, the third in a series, was centered around the political, legal and military decision making in the use of armed drones. A challenging scenario raised some tough and intense discussions amongst a group of about 20 participants from several backgrounds. The event was closed off with a (simulated) press conference on Thursday and an intense evaluation on Friday. Valuable lessons-learned on decision making dynamics were taken home.

Patrick Bolder is an officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Since January 2019 he is seconded to The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. His expertise lies in all Defence matters, with a focus on Military Space, Unmanned systems, European Defence issues and Nuclear Policy.