Chaillot Paper | Conflicts To Come

January 6th 2021 - 08:37

To explore how future conflicts might unfold, this edited volume from the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) combines vivid imagination with thorough analysis of past and present conflict trends – including technological developments, environmental changes, and shifting power dynamics.

In 15 fictionalized scenarios, a diverse group of authors contribute to, and at times challenge, the existing body of assumptions about the genesis of conflict, its likelihood and how it might play out. The result is a truly innovative foresight project that offers a fresh approach to conflict anticipation. In her scenario, set in 2030, HCSS Strategic Analyst Lotje Boswinkel imagines how China, through its Belt and Road Initiative, could be dragged into a war in the Middle East.  

Read the paper here, or directly download the PDF here.

Lotje Boswinkel is a Strategic Analyst at HCSS. Prior to joining, she worked as a trainee at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), focusing on the Middle East, the future of war, and the implications of COVID-19 for European foreign policy.