Celebrating 9 years of HCSS

March 25th 2016 - 17:00

Transnational Terrorism, Security & the Rule of Law, European Defense & Equipment Market, Secure Haven, Embedded Journalism, Risk Analyses in Africa, New Horizons (future NATO-strategy), Wargames concerning Joint Operations 2030 and Disruptive Technologies: just a random selection of the projects HCSS did in its first year. Projects that bring prestige, have an impact, and stir the imagination. Complex projects that require expertise and offer the opportunity to experiment with innovative methodologies, these helped put HCSS on the map. Projects that we would still be proud to take on nine years into our existence.

Does that mean nothing has changed? Yes and no. Yes, we are still engaged with issues at the intersection of geopolitics and security, but in the past few years, geo-economics has taken a more prominent place in our portfolio. Natural resources, energy, and agro-food have become new areas of expertise within HCSS. The Centre of Expertise on Resources that was founded last year is only the most visible example. Combined with water and climate issues, this domain offers broader, more holistic insights that bring value to our customers. In the area of cyber, we have built up an international reputation. This adds to our ability to analyze events and to lift public debates and political discussion to a higher level. Additionally, the way in which our quantitative methodologies produce new insights on various issues is hugely appreciated and respected. This is reflected in the number of followers that we enjoy on social media platforms, in growing name recognition, and in the fact that among the 1800 think tanks that we have in Europe, we occupy the 11th spot in the area of energy and natural resources, the 28th spot in defense and security, and that we are 44th in the area of international policy-making. However, innovative methodologies are only meaningful if they are matched with sharp and informed analyses, as well as clients who are prepared to look beyond today’s headlines and peer into the future. The shape of issues to come is gaining visibility. We look forward to serve you as well in the next nine years, and to contribute to making the world a little bit safer.

Paul Sinning, CEO