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Carré: The choice between renovation and innovation in Dutch defense planning

July 8th 2020 - 09:27

Based on their snapshot “A Classical Dilemma”, Strategic Analysts Esther Chavannes and Patrick Bolder were invited for a briefing and an in-depth discussion with the thinktank 'Defensiebeleid en Krijgsmacht' of the Netherlands Officers Association (Nederlandse Officieren Vereniging, NOV) on June 30, 2020. The NOV also published the snapshot as an Op-Ed in their periodical Carré, edition 4 of 2020.

The snapshot challenges policy makers for new avenues of thought about defense planning, by taking a look at modernization versus repair against the level of international relevance. The snapshot was composed with the update process of the Netherlands Defence White Paper of 2018 in mind.

Patrick Bolder is an officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Since January 2019 he is seconded to The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. His expertise lies in all Defence matters, with a focus on Military Space, Unmanned systems, European Defence issues and Nuclear Policy.