(former) Data Scientist - no longer working at HCSS

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Saskia Heyster worked as a Data Scientist at HCSS until December 2022.

Upon completing a BSc in Politics and International Relations (Honours), she transitioned into the data science domain, and holds a MSc in Information Studies: Data Science from the University of Amsterdam. During her Masters, Saskia has researched the convergence of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques with qualitative research, seeking to understand how language can translate into data, information, and knowledge to support analysis of security dynamics.

Her domain specification is the intersection between machine learning, data visualization and UX design to create data products and integrated systems that can be incorporated into existing methods of political analysis, or support policy formulation.

Prior to joining HCSS, Saskia has held internships with Oxford Business Group Saudi Arabia supporting development of economic and market intelligence within Saudi Arabia, and the broader Middle East region. And with AgriProtein KSA conducting research and analysis of the European policy environment relating to green technologies.