Eric Wilms

Strategic Analyst

Commander Eric Wilms started his military career in 1988 as a Weapon Engineering Midshipman at the Royal Netherlands Naval Institute in Den Helder. After graduation in 1992, he studied at Delft Technical University.

During the first years of his operational career, he sailed on board of various frigates as a (Deputy) Weapon Engineering Officer. Commander Wilms then became Project Manager for various (International) Naval Procurement Programs (Sonar, Datalinks, Command and Control Systems and Guided Weapons) at the Naval Materiel Directorate (later merging into the Joint Defense Materiel Organization).

In 2006 Wilms successfully finished his Public Administration Program, with a special focus on the EU, at Rotterdam Erasmus University, earning a Master of Science degree. From 2006 on, he was appointed desk officer EU at the International Military Cooperation Department of the Defense Staff. During this position he was an advisor on the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). This position was interrupted by a 6 months assignment as ISAF Staff Officer Current Operations (Aviation) In Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Wilms attended the Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2010-2011, followed by positions at the Naval Staff (Management Control) and Defense Materiel Organization (Information Analyst). In 2014, he returned to the Advanced Command and Staff Course to become mentor and senior tutor. From April - October 2016 he assumed duties as Assistant Chief of Staff in the London based Operational Headquarters of EU Naval Force ATALANTA.  His primary duties were Regional (East Africa) Maritime Capacity Building, Training, Lessons Learned and Transformation.

Following this assignment, Commander Wilms was seconded to HCSS as a Strategic Analyst as of November 2016. His focus is on international and national security issues.

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