(former) Data Scientist (no longer working at HCSS)

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Diederik Dekkers worked as a data scientist at HCSS until June 2023.

He has a background in Econometrics and International Relations, obtaining a MSc. degree in Econometrics and Operations Research and a currently pursuing a MA. degree in Political Science, both from the VU Amsterdam.  

Before joining HCSS as a data scientist, Diederik worked as a data intern at HCSS and as a consultant. During his time at the Datalab, he wrote his Master’s thesis in Econometrics and Operations Research, where he helped develop dimensionality reduction techniques for causal modeling. Besides his master’s he performed various duties within the Datalab, including visualizations, data gathering and analysis. 

At HCSS, Diederik worked alongside different departments, both within the HCSS Datalab and together with other strategic analysts on various topics. His interests include predictive and causal modeling, US politics, grand strategy and geopolitical competition.