Bianca Torossian

Research Fellow

Bianca Torossian is a Research Fellow at HCSS. Her studies at The University of Sydney, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Leiden University (The Hague), earned her a Bachelor's degree in political science, political economy and sociology, and a Master's degree in political science and international organization. At HCSS, Bianca contributes to a range of projects commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Defence and NATO. She primarily focusses on the intersection between emerging technologies and conflict, with multiple publications to her name on hybrid and cyber conflict. A specific area of interest is the field of artificial intelligence in defense contexts, which ties into a HCSS research project that critically analyzes the challenges and opportunities posed by robotic and autonomous systems in the Dutch military. Bianca is also heavily involved in Water, Peace and Security (WPS), an award winning partnership that looks to pioneer the development of innovative tools and services that help identify and address water-related security risks. Bianca also holds the role of Internship Coordinator at HCSS.


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