Clients & Partners

We leverage our extensive network to include relevant experts and officials who have a stake in the subject and project. Find a complete list of our clients and partners here.

Data Driven

Our HCSS monitor database contains over three thousand indicators which we use to track global geodynamics. We create models and monitors for public and private organizations to improve their situational awareness and provide them with a better understanding of their strategic environment. We also compile, collate and generate new datasets, design tailor-made analytical frameworks and build fully interactive web interfaces. Our in-house competencies include predictive modeling using both structural and dynamic data, web scraping, text mining, advanced internet search techniques and data visualization.

“Countries with ongoing conflicts are color coded as brown, and the rest from green to red based on the likelihood of an onset of civil war.”

Interdisciplinary approach

Our projects are conducted by interdisciplinary teams, providing innovative approaches to policy challenges and their solutions.