NATO Future World: An Input Into the NATO Long Term Requirements Study

June 1st 2007 - 12:00
 For a comprehensive overview of this report, please see the attachment.

Michel Rademaker is the Deputy Director of HCSS. He has a degree in Transport and Logistics, which he obtained at the University of Tilburg. He has fifteen years of hands-on experience as an officer in The Royal Netherlands Army, where he held various military operational and staff posts and also served a term in former Yugoslavia. After leaving the armed forces, Mr. Rademaker went on to work at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) as a project and program manager and senior policy advisor for ten years.

Stephan De Spiegeleire is senior scientist at HCSS. He has Master’s degrees from the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Columbia University in New York, as well as a C.Phil. degree in Political Science from UCLA. He worked for the RAND Corporation for nearly ten years, interrupted by stints at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik and the WEU’s Institute for Security Studies. Mr. De Spiegeleire started out as a Soviet specialist, but has since branched out into several fields of international security and defense policy.

Ulrich Mans is a political analyst at the Conflict Management Programme of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. He works on Intervention and Statebuilding, in particular on joint analysis, planning and implementation aspects of international interventions in post-conflict and fragile states. Ulrich joined HCSS in June 2007. He holds a MA in International Development Studies from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, with a particular interest in international peacekeeping and conflict management in Africa.