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Trump's offshore drilling order can lead to lower oil prices

May 4th 2017 - 15:18

Any increase in US shale oil and gas production will add to the domestic supply in the US, leading to fewer imports, Sijbren de Jong, analyst at The Hague Center for Strategic Studies and expert in energy security told Trend news Agency on May 3.

"Donald Trump's policies contribute also to stimulating greater production, which in the end may lower the price again, thus undermining the effects of the OPEC deal."

The full interview can be read here

Sijbren de Jong is a Strategic Analyst at HCSS and lecturer in Geo-Economics at Leiden University, The Hague. He has a PhD in EU external energy security relations from the University of Leuven and holds degrees in Economic Geography (MSc) from the University of Groningen and Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (MA) from the University of Leuven. His geographical areas of expertise include Russia, Central Asia and the Caspian Sea Region; Central and Eastern Europe; and the Western Balkans.