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Tim Sweijs interviewed by Aljazeera on the rise of populism in Europe

May 31st 2017 - 14:50

Tim Sweijs was interviewed by Abderrahim Foukara (Aljazeera Arabic Washington DC Bureau Chief) for Min Washington ['From Washington']. They discuss the rise of populism in Europe, Dutch and European perceptions of the US and the Trump administration, and the implications for Transatlantic relations. The show aired on on Aljazeera Arabic. Click here for the video. The interview (in Arabic) starts at 9:13.  

Tim Sweijs is a Senior Strategist. He is the initiator, creator, and author of numerous studies, methodologies, and tools for research projects in horizon scanning, conflict analysis, international and national security risk assessment, and capability development. He has led multicenter research projects for both private and public sector organizations – including the European Commission and various European governments.